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Miriam Slozberg depression

Business Owners and Depression

Last week on my podcast, I had interviewed Alicia Cramer, who is a business coach and the topic was about how she managed issues with self worth and depression. I want to talk more about depression. The truth about depression is that a lot of people are suffering from it, and it is a real […]

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The Funniest Facebook Status Updates

Last fall I found a site where you can find the funniest Tweets around. However, I found a great site where you can find the wackiest Facebook status updates around.   Yes that is right. If you write up status updates that are off the wall, be prepared to know that they will never disappear […]

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So I Have a Bit of a Past, So WHAT!?!?

I am Thankful For Making Great Connections I have looked back over the past year especially and very happy with some awesome contacts I have made. I have met some amazing business- like minded people and created awesome relationships with them. I have had been involved in some successful joint ventures as well. Some went […]

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