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Understanding Business Blogs

Times are evolving constantly. In the highly competitive marketplace, small and medium sized business entities (SMBs) veer away from the traditional to more creative and interactive approaches to doing business. Opportunities now spring from new markets, new consumer segments and new marketing tools exemplified by websites specifically business blogs. A blog, short for weblog, is […]

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Seven Powerful Tips To Help You With Your Social Media Marketing Plan

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that running a business online can be very challenging, because there is always something new popping up. There are new sites and strategies, new trends and technologies that make the web a fierce beast when it comes to managing a business. For instance, using social media is the […]

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Spreading the Influence with Desiree Wolfe

Today on Getting Social with Miriam I had a blast interviewing a business consultant and coach who I would consider to have that Uranian touch. Or if you are not familiar with astrology at all, she is most definitely one of a kind. Desiree Wolfe is an extremely motivated entrepreneur in the marketing world. She […]

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Top 3 Social Media Bad Habits in Business

Top 3 Social Media Pet Peeves

Bad Habits social media It’s no secret that social media is a valuable tool at the forefront of online business and digital marketing. This can be used to great effect and with the right strategy and patience can bring your business a whole new audience or customer base.  From […] Click here to view original […]

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7 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes [INFOGRAPHIC]

7 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Community breeds success on Facebook. 7 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes [Infographic] Without a community, you have no listeners to help you build brand awareness and deliver ROI. You must have a community filled with people who like you and share your content with their friends . Your […] Click here to view original […]

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