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The Proven Benefits of Gratitude

We sometimes seek to deepen our spirituality by turning to the outside world –  pursuing a mindful activity, connecting with inspirational, authentic people via social media, or heading to a natural setting where we can engage actively with our thoughts and feelings. At other times, spiritual discovery can be far simpler – especially when we take a […]

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Getting Social with Miriam Lisa Papp

An Overview of Gratitude with Lisa E. Papp

On the last episode of Getting Social with Miriam, I focused on the power of gratitude, and interviewed Lisa E. Papp, founder of PracticalGratitude.com. Lisa has 30 years’ experience in direct and retail sales, retail management, customer service, and marketing for organizations including Nordstrom, SAFECO Insurance, and the American Institute of Architects – Seattle Chapter. […]

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It was Canadian Thanksgiving Today

Today is the Day to Give Thanks You know, so many people are blessed but really don’t realize it until they are reminded. All they think about is wanting something more and keep taking for granted the great stuff they already have. And you know what? When they do get the things they do want, […]

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Being Grateful Does Not Mean Settling For Less

What is Gratitude? Many people really have little idea what gratitude really is. Unfortunately the subject of gratitude is shunned by many people and I was that way for a long time. The reason for this is because there is not enough knowledge about what gratitude really is. I hated the term for a long […]

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Is There Such a Thing as Giving Too Much?

I apologize for being silent for a while. I have been very busy which has been great but I don’t want to neglect this blog either. But what I wanted to talk about tonight was the topic of giving. A dear friend of mine and I had a talk recently about that topic. I had […]

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Five Regrets of the Dying

I apologize for being silent lately. I have been swamped but overall a good kind of swamped. But I will start blogging more often as I need to do that. I want to talk about an article that I had read recently. This article was written by this nurse who worked in palliative care, and […]

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