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How to Build a New Freelance Social Media Management Business

You have decided to start a freelance social media management business. Congratulations. You are probably wondering how to even begin, and how you will find your first set of clients. I really understand the difficulty and that feeling of not knowing how to proceed. You are also well aware that the competition is quite fierce. […]

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Understanding Business Blogs

Times are evolving constantly. In the highly competitive marketplace, small and medium sized business entities (SMBs) veer away from the traditional to more creative and interactive approaches to doing business. Opportunities now spring from new markets, new consumer segments and new marketing tools exemplified by websites specifically business blogs. A blog, short for weblog, is […]

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Six Tips on How to Get Blog Comments Easily

Firstly to my readers who celebrate Christmas, have yourselves a very Merry Christmas, make it fun and safe. And I have a gift for you, especially if you are struggling to find traffic on your blog. I want to take this opportunity to give some effective tips to help you get not just a huge […]

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