Why Have Business Profiles if you Plan to Keep them Private in the First Place?

Miriam Slozberg

It is one thing to keep your personal profiles on private. Especially if you are sharing content that you only want your friends to see. However, how will it be helpful to you if you keep your business profiles on private? Isn’t the point of creating a social media presence for your business to get your content out there in public? Why wouldn’t you want your business content to be seen?

I knew of a business owner who actually did that. I have no idea how she was successful in anyway, especially since she lived in a constant state of paranoia. I will tell you why she did this. She was incredibly paranoid about catfishers and trolls following her. That is understandable when it comes to not accepting connections for personal profiles, but when it comes to business profiles, you can’t do that. You have to keep them public and whoever will follow, will follow.

If she was working hard at hiding something in her business profiles, then that alone is a huge mistake. Your personal junk must go to your profiles that are only meant for that! Not your business Instagram, Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

Not only are you leaving money on the table by keeping your social media content private on your business profiles, however, potential clients and customers will find it very strange that your business profiles are kept private. You can’t run a business that way in this day and age. If you are living in a constant state of paranoia, perhaps being a business owner is not the best idea.

My advice to you is not to follow this woman’s footsteps and make your business profiles known and public. She is doing it all wrong regardless of her reasons. Your business will rely on it.

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