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Managing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression This Holiday Season

Guest post submission by Jayna Nickert, MFT on behalf of Focus Essentials: Well, it’s officially happening… it’s beginning to look a lot like winter… We’ll soon be gathering with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, and as soon as the pumpkin pie is served the holiday season will be here for the rest of the year. I […]

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What Causes us to Procrastinate?

Whenever many of us are faced with a big task, or even a small task, a lot of the time we will put it on the back burner and keep it there. It is easy to say “I will work on it tomorrow”, and to even believe we will start tackling the task the next […]

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Miriam Slozberg

4 Reasons That Entrepreneurs Need Break Time

Entrepreneurs tend to work themselves quite hard, and many times end up working on their businesses at 2am because they had to tackle other responsibilities during the day. Especially mompreneurs since they are raising a family, and maintaining a home while running a business. Unfortunately, you may find yourself having to work on your business […]

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