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Have You Heard that MySpace is Coming Back?

That is Right, MySpace is Returning Don’t worry, this is not another Klout post so you can relax now. But this certainly has to do with social media. This is in fact quite interesting news. Remember Myspace? Listen up. When I was introduced to Myspace in 2004, I absolutely loved it- just like millions of […]

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Lots of Thumbs Down for Klout

There are Klout Lovers But Plenty of Haters too Over the last several months especially, there has been a lot of heated debates in regards to Klout, the tool that measures your online presence and influence. Klout has been going through many changes and are slowly trying to improve their system but when changes are […]

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Twitter Can be a Goldmine

If Twitter is Used Correctly- You Can Hit it Big I remember when I joined Twitter back in 2008, I just joined because it was the hottest new thing and everyone was doing it. I thought it was pointless like so many people have thought, and plenty still think that way. But the fact of […]

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The New Klout is Out

If you Pay Attention to Klout, You Likely Know About This Already For those who have been monitoring their Klout scores, you were likely anxious to see Klout’s new layout. And for those who were able to refer 10 Facebook friends to Klout got a sneak preview of it. Lucky me, I was fortunate enough […]

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Got Klout?

What is Klout? Klout is a tool (actually company) that has been around since 2008 that measures your social media influence based on your activity and engagement on the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Four Square through an algorithm. You are given a score from 0-100 based on […]

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I have made a decision

Social media and internet marketing is great. Heck I literally like yesterday opened up a business that designs blogs, posts, SEO and social media pages! And believe me SEO works! My page about my recent book, Stars Behind the Tortured Soul: Healing Past-Life Memories Through Astrology, and about past lives and reincarnation went from a […]

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