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More Changes in Klout

It is going to be a while before I am over what happened in Newtown last Friday. However, as cold as it seems, I need to go on with what I do. My thoughts and prayers will always go to the victims, the survivors and the parents of these victims. But anyway, here it goes. […]

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Social Spam is a Pet Peeve of Mine

Social Spam is Not Cool OK I am not talking about the spammers that you are probably thinking of that are invading Facebook and Twitter (these spammers don’t survive for very long on those platforms anyway anymore which is good). I am talking about a different kind of social spamming that you are seeing especially […]

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The New Klout is Out

If you Pay Attention to Klout, You Likely Know About This Already For those who have been monitoring their Klout scores, you were likely anxious to see Klout’s new layout. And for those who were able to refer 10 Facebook friends to Klout got a sneak preview of it. Lucky me, I was fortunate enough […]

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