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Why I Happen to Like the New Facebook Hashtags

As you know, Facebook had just announced the use of hashtags (#), and in fact rumors about this have been circulating since March of this year. It finally materialized. Hashtags have always been associated with Twitter as they were the first network to use them for the purpose of users expanding their reach. You type […]

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The Funniest Facebook Status Updates

Last fall I found a site where you can find the funniest Tweets around. However, I found a great site where you can find the wackiest Facebook status updates around.   Yes that is right. If you write up status updates that are off the wall, be prepared to know that they will never disappear […]

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An Overview of Online Influence

Very few people truly understand what online influence really is. For instance, most people believe that if you have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers while you are not following many makes you influential. Does it really? If you are not putting out Tweet-worthy content and none of your followers are retweeting what you put […]

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