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If I had a nickle for each time business owners who I have met said to me “I don’t get the point of social media, there is no return on investment”, I would be a gazillionaire! The fact of the matter is if you don’t use social media for your business, you can kiss it goodbye! You need social media in order to stay in business nowadays.

I am a social media manager and consultant and I help business owners not only increase their targeted following – however I help them become influential in their field or niche so they develop a strong online presence which is what is wanted in this day and age. I work with small and medium sized businesses who are unable to afford a social media manager in house.

Because of the fact that so many business owners fail to see the value in social media marketing, I take the time to show every business owner why social media is the only marketing channel in this day and age. I help them grow their following, create a strong and positive online presence, and eventually they become the “go to” people in their field. Best of all, I am here to take care of most of it because business owners do not have the time and patience to worry about creating a social media campaign on their own that will ignite a lot of interaction and eventually business! I also offer SEO services, as well as other virtual assistant services listed below.

My SEO Services include -

Keyword Optimization
On Page SEO Maintenance
Website Analysis
Updating Content
Link Building (Contextual Links)
Site Map
Navigation Analysis
Press Release Submission
Social Media Activity (Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Google +1′s)
Monthly Report

My Social Media Services include -

Facebook Page Optimization
Twitter Profile Optimization
Klout Set Up
Google Plus Set Up
Pinterest Set Up
Daily Updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus
Daily Content Sharing on Networks
Comments and Responding on Networks
24/7 Online Reputation Monitoring
Targeted Network Building on Twitter
Facebook Ad Campaign Management
Detailed Reporting

For some packages

Facebook Contest Giveaways
Blog Content Creation
Blog Commenting Services
Forum Posting Services

If you would like more information on my services and rates please contact me.


I offer consultations in the following-

  • SEO Help
  • General Social Media Help
  • Increasing Social Influence and Klout
  • Using Empire Avenue Effectively

All Consultations are Priced at an hourly rate.

Individual Consultations

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