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In times of uncertainty, people tend to turn to the mystical and mysterious for guidance. Astrology has long been a popular way for people to learn about their future, and many of us are no strangers to psychics and fortune tellers. While there are many out there who have a true gift, however, the astrology profession is rife with scammers that have given the practice a bad name, particularly when it comes to online psychics.

If youre looking for a psychic to help you through a tough time in your life, its important to be wary of frauds. You can ask around and check out online reviews from other clients to get an idea of how reliable a local astrologer is, but its not always possible to easily find the information for which youre looking. Instead, you can keep your eye out for one of these warning signs that may indicate that your psychic crystal ball is more of a paperweight.

A Wall of Questions

Even the best psychics might need a bit of background information to get started with a reading, but fake psychics will often lean on generic questions as a way to draw conclusions about your personal life. If an online astrologer goes beyond name and address to ask about your home life, work, family, or friends, theyre often trying to get a clear enough picture that they can fool you into thinking their reading is legitimate. Talented psychics should only have to ask a few questions to get a good idea of your spiritual self.

Gruesome Predictions

Nobody wants toget bad news from a psychic, especially regarding their friends and family. If an online astrologer tells you that your loved ones arein danger of a curse and offer a monetary path to salvation, its a safe bet that theyre trying to swindle you out of more money. A good psychic may still see harsh times in store for your family, but they wont try to take advantage of your concern by asking for a bonus.

Expensive Solutions

Many online psychics charge per reading, and for talented professionals, the going rate isnt always cheap. Many fake psychics, however, will charge above and beyond for their services. The thinking is that not only does a high price bring in more money, but that it also adds a sense of legitimacy to the service. Dont let yourself get fooled into the trap of thinking that you need to pay top dollar for an accurate reading. You should also avoid any psychics that offer first-time discounts, as they will often give you limited information to lure you into asecond, more expensive session.

It can be challenging to find a true online psychic. With a discerning eye and a little bit of searching, however, you can reach out to talented professionals that can help to ease your mind and give you a sense of peace about the future.

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