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Mark Derian of†Animus Empire†sent this to me and this is what he wrote, and everyone needs to read this:

We donít like to think emotions have an anatomy because emotions feel complicated. But the structure emerges when we know what to look for, and itís a simple structure at that. No, this doesnít mean our emotions are easy to handle, but they are simple.

In this video on sadness, I discuss how it relates to anger, the only causes of anger, and what specific questions we can ask ourselves to become more aware of our sadness. When we understand the purpose of sadness, it wonít make us immune to it but it will give us a map so we can find our way out of sadness when it does happen.

I also discuss the pitfall of gratitude. While itís an excellent feeling to have, often it gets used as a psychological defense against doing the real work we need to do to manage our sadness and anger.

My next video in this series will be on what it means to use anger in a destructive way. Then in the final video, Iíll discuss how anger can be used in a constructive way and the psychological benefits we reap from doing so.

Go and find the complete video series on emotions right here.

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