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Miriam Slozberg

Is there a Future for Twitter?

Lately I have been wondering about Twitter’s fate. In my humble opinion, I think there will either be a complete ending to Twitter- or perhaps it will merge with something else like Kred did with Empire Avenue. Now it’s called Empire Kred. Like Klout, Twitter appeared to be promising and successful for quite some time. […]

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Miriam Slozberg depression

Tips for Managers on how to Handle an Employee’s Depression

You are a manager of a company, and you have noticed that your most outgoing employee suddenly becomes aloof and withdrawn. The previously decisive team leader can’t seem to make the simplest decision anymore. That easygoing coworker starts arguing with coworkers and takes offense immediately. The most dependable employee shows up late, calls in sick, […]

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depression Miriam Slozberg

Changing Directions

I know I haven’t blogged for a while and I do apologize for that. However, I was away last week in Vegas, and it was fantastic. I have also had an opportunity to clear my mind and do some thinking. I am actually going to be changing my blog around a lot. I am no […]

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Miriam Slozberg depression

Business Owners and Depression

Last week on my podcast, I had interviewed Alicia Cramer, who is a business coach and the topic was about how she managed issues with self worth and depression. I want to talk more about depression. The truth about depression is that a lot of people are suffering from it, and it is a real […]

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