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An Overview of Grief with Dr. Mekel Harris

On the last episode of Exploring the Eighth House, the topic of grief was spoken about, the process and how it affects us a whole. Because, at some points in our lives, we will be faced with grief which is difficult for everyone to process. I interviewed Dr. Mekel Harris, who is a licensed psychologist […]

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Interview with a Mortician

On the last episode of Exploring the Eight House was a very interesting one. Today’s topic once again was one that most of us would rather shove under the rug, which is death. Each and everyone of us knows that one day we will no longer be here, however that is the extent of what […]

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Exploring the Eighth House

Topics such as mental illness, death and anything that is considered to be taboo is always shoved under the rug. That is why it is taboo. It is time that these uncomfortable parts of life are brought out. I am organizing a new podcast called Exploring the Eighth House and there will be no set […]

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Acceptance of Death

I have written many blog posts on depression and mental health. I am going to move away from that in this post and focus on another aspect of life that many of us shun, which is death. Many of us have a difficult time accepting death, however, it does not have to be difficult. The […]

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