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Miriam Slozberg

Five Ways to Combat Social Media Depression

I have spoken about social media or Facebook depression in the past. In a nutshell, social media depression is when someone is feeling worthless or hopeless by following connections who appear to have a better life. That person makes the comparison between his or her life and their’s and that has a negative affect on […]

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Miriam Slozberg

Five Ways You Can Keep a Genuine and Professional Social Media Presence

Many business owners are concerned about keeping their social media presence so professional that they end up turning out to appear non-personal or fake. Some unintentionally brag often about their success because they are proud. It is one thing to stay positive and inspiring on social media as people are attracted to that. However, like […]

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Miriam Slozberg

Whatever you do, Never Buy into The Secret

Anyone who is unhappy with his or her life will want to find ways to improve it and to make it better. This especially rings true for those who suffer from depression and other mental illnesses. Most would be desperate enough to try anything to escape the living hell they are living. I know that […]

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miriam slozberg

Stereotyping People with Depression and Mental Illness

The terrorist attacks that just recently happened in France shook people up around the world, just like in all other previous cases of terrorism being involved. People have been understandably angry about what occurred, such as myself. However, there has been a lot of stereotyping of Muslims. I’ve been noticing a lot of unfair comments […]

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miriam slozberg

Exploring the Eighth House

Topics such as mental illness, death and anything that is considered to be taboo is always shoved under the rug. That is why it is taboo. It is time that these uncomfortable parts of life are brought out. I am organizing a new podcast called Exploring the Eighth House and there will be no set […]

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Expressive Mom Miriam Slozberg

Time to End the Stigma of Mental Challenges Like Depression

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day. Mental illness and depression are misunderstood and heavily stigmatized by society. Mental illness is no different than a physical illness. You know this, everyone knows this! However the stigma has prevented many people from taking this illness very seriously. What I did is I created an Aha Book on […]

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