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I have made a decision

Social media and internet marketing is great. Heck I literally like yesterday opened up a business that designs blogs, posts, SEO and social media pages! And believe me SEO works! My page about my recent book, Stars Behind the Tortured Soul: Healing Past-Life Memories Through Astrology, and about past lives and reincarnation went from a […]

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Affiliate-MLM combo

Multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing are actually two different types of business models. However, someone who is good with network marketing will combine affiliate marketing with MLM in order to create more income streams, other than relying on income from the MLM business. At the same time, a pro-affiliate marketer may end up joining an […]

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Help, help, the Guerrillas are on the loose!

How would you feel if you were minding your own business, sitting in a business meeting or having a coffee- or whatever you are doing and a bunch of guerrillas started running out on the loose throwing papers into your face! And just out of no where. Oh that would either understandably frighten others and […]

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12 Corny S.E.O. Jokes.

I recently had agreed to work with an SEO professional to help develop a really cool SEO program. I hope to have it ready by May of this year. I am enjoying the process for the most part in creating this program. However, sometimes I am in need for a good SEO joke here and […]

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A Network Marketer’s B-Fest!

When you finally decide to go into network marketing, a rush of excitement flows right through you. In fact, it is quite easy to get cocky at first and the only thought that initially crosses your mind is “oh boy, finally a way to make money from home and not have to worry about the […]

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