An Uncluttered Home For An Uncluttered Mind

In Canada alone, one in five of us?will experience mental health difficulties?this year: looking after our minds is as important as looking after our bodies. Many of us are familiar with the importance of?good nutrition and spending time outdoors?to keep our mental...

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Creating an Outlet for Managing Mental Health

Guest post submission by?Jayna Nickert, MFT on behalf of?Focus Essentials:   When your mental health is off it can have far-reaching effects on your mind, body, and life in general. You feel different, your thoughts tend to be more negative, and it feels like there's...

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My Take On Cannabis Becoming Legal In Canada

  On October 17th, recreational pot became legal in Canada, and pot used for medicinal purposes had been legal since 2016. As soon as marijuana became legal, the online dispensaries were sold out in no time. I am not entirely against pot being legal for recreational...

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